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Hair Info


Cap Size small medium large
Circumference 21.5 22.5 23.5
Front to Nape 14 15 15.5
Ear to Ear Forehead 11.5 12 12
Ear to Ear Over Top 12 13 13.5
Temle to Temple 13.5 14.5 15.5
Nape of Neck 4.5 5 5.5


  • transparent

  • light brown

  • medium brown

  • dark brown

Hair Color

  • Natural Brown

  • 1 Jet Black

  • 2 Dark Brown

  • 4 Medium Reddish Brown

  • 6 Chestnut Brown

  • 10 Medium Golden Brown

  • 12 Light Golden Brown

  • 14 Dark Blonde

  • 16 Dark Honey Blonde

  • 22 Light Ash Brown

  • 27 Honey Blonde

  • 30 Light Auburn

  • 33 Dark Auburn

  • 99j Deep Maroon Red

  • 144 Pumpkin

  • 613 Platium Blonde


  • Soft N Curly

  • AA Straight

  • Loose Curly

  • Kinky Curly

  • Natural Straight

  • Virgin Wavy

  • Afro Curly

  • Kinky Straight

  • Body Wave

Hair Type

  • 100% Indian

    Our Indian hair in its virgin state comes in natural dark brown colors. This hair is most popular because of it versatility. African Americans favor Indian hair because it's closest to our texture. However Indian hair is probably the most fragile hair of the donor hair types. This hair tends to puff, and frizz like African American hair and can become problematic of not cared for properly.
  • 100% Chinese

    Our Chinese hair is coarse and heavy in density. This hair wears well in straight styles and has a lot of body and bounce. Does not hold a hot curl well but when processed curly it wears great. Our virgin Chinese hairs comes in natural dark brown colors and the hair strands are thick and strong.
  • 100% Malaysian

    Our Malaysian hair is manageable, and soft. It's silkier then Indian hair but has more versatility. It has great volume and thickness. This hair holds a curl well and straightens with ease. This natural hair color comes in dark browns.
  • 100% Mongolian

    Our Mongolian hair texture is thinner than, and not as coarse as Chinese hair. It's silky and in its virgin state it's very similar to European hair. The natural hair colors are of a dark brown.
  • 100% European

    Russian/Caucasian - Our European hair is fine, and naturally straight or with a soft virgin wave. This hair is silky and shiny, the natural colors range from light to dark depending on availability. This hair is easy to manage and style.
  • 100% Peruvian

    Our Peruvian hair originates from remote villages in Peru. The donor hair comes from a mix of Spanish/Indian heritage. The natural hair color for our Peruvian hair is dark. This hair is coarser the Indian hair but, not as coarse as Chinese hair. Peruvian hair is is light weight and very soft.

Medical Hair Loss

Hair plays a significant role in the lives of many women. A woman's hair is the first physical characteristic one notices. Hair loss is not only a cosmetic concern, but my create feelings of vulnerability. Losing your hair can be one of the most devastating things you will ever have to cope with. We all know our self-image affects our self-esteem, and when hair loss occurs, it can become very emotional.

If you are being treated for medical hair loss, and would like to purchase a custom lace wig, we strongly suggest you contact your medical insurance company for pre-approval and instructions for claim reimbursement. Once you have this information have your doctor write you a prescription for a Cranial Hair Prosthesis, which is the medical term most insurance companies recognize. It's important that the prescription states "Cranial Hair Prosthesis", and not "Custom Lace Wig".

Most insurance companies cover from 80-100% for expenses used for the purpose of purchasing hair replacement. We also recommend you take photos of your hair loss, keep copies of all receipts, invoices and prescriptions. Send the copies with your claim to your insurance company or HMO. It may also help if you have your doctor include a statement on the prescription that reads, "for patients' emotional stability", as well as include the ICD-9 code.

California Lace Wigs, adheres to the medical guidelines for hair loss prosthesis. Upon placing your order you will be assigned a personal consultant who will guide you through the process of ordering your hair replacement. Your invoice will read "Cranial Hair Prosthesis" to match the prescription written by your doctor for the submission of reimbursement to your insurance company.

For more information on reimbursement, please contact your insurance company and speak with your doctor about your options.