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Good Afternoon ! I got my package a days ago and I just got it styled by the hair salon - I love it ! Perfect fit and everything ! I am totally in love with your units, and will be commissioning more from you definitely ! My mother saw the unit styled, and wanted one of her own too :) Thank you so much Annette ! I am so looking forward to this summer ! Expect an email from me soon :)
I just wanted to say I absolutely love your website and customer service. Every since I started purchasing here I simply can't go anywhere else. So thank you!
A. Spann
Hello CLWW. I have been meaning to send you an email and let you know that I received my wig and it is simply beautiful. Your Malaysian hair is the bomb! Thanks. Hope to be ordering another custom soon. I will be in touch.
I got my baby just now!! Kai is here! I am at the office, no privacy so I had to sneak her out of the box to take a peek. OMG. She’s beautiful. You all have that AA texture down pat. You have a Lace Wig customer for life. You do not disappoint. 

I just wash Audra with Wen and then conditioned her with Silicon Mix, you should see how this hair is swangin’ girl! **flips hair back** LOL 

I’m very happy, I had to dig in the piggy bank to get Kai but it so worth it. My next purchase will be next spring, I’ll be going for a curly at that time. I am ready for my reunion now. 

Thank you for everything!!
Annette: I ask that God Bless you, from all of who has lost our natural hair and have allowed you to provide a hairpiece that is just as natural. I feel and look beautiful all because of YOU! Keep up the great works!
Hello CLWW, I receive my lace wig today. I couldn't imagine the package would get here so fast. I am so impressed! I am in love with this wig. It's so soft, beautiful, and truely amazing... It's the best! Thanks for everything, your customer service is steller! Please keep doing what you do.
E. Aitcheou
Annette... OMG...! GORGEOUS! GORGEOUS! GORGEOUS! I have never seen anything so beautiful in my life!!! wonderful texture, cap construction...just well spent! Thank you!
Good Day, I want to say Thank You so much for going above and beyond to fill my order. In today's World where Customer Service is nearly obsolete, you and your Company are so appreciated. Thank You Again!
Karen B.
Hello CLWW: Looove your customer service and the hair you sell! moreeeee textures please!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
Hey CLWW, I received the unit I had repaired and it looks beautiful, better then when I originally purchased it. It is styled shorter than expected but that turned out to be a great thing. It's gorgeous! Thanks so much for the great customer service and fantastic work you guys do at CLWW!