Why a Custom Lace Wig

YES, Custom Ordering does make sense!

People wear wigs for a variety of reasons. It may be to cover hair loss, protect natural hair, or just change their look without the commitment. Wigs offer versatility and flexibility, and the right wig is sure to boost one’s confidence and transform their entire look.
Unfortunately, all wigs and weaves are not created equal. You can buy synthetic wigs that are affordable or 100% human hair wigs that have been meticulously designed to look and feel like it’s growing from your scalp. Whether you are an occasional wig wearer or a wig connoisseur, we suggest investing in a custom wig to experience the difference.
Why a Custom Lace Wig
There is nothing more jarring than wearing a wig that looks like, well… a wig. California Lace Wigs and Weaves (CLWW) is the #1 custom lace wigs headquarter, hands down!
We make premium wigs that can be ordered through our online state of the art custom order forms.
Custom wigs do cost more than stock wigs, however, there are plenty of reasons to spend a few extra dollars. Here are just a few reasons to try a custom lace wig from California Lace Wigs & Weaves - CLWW:

Tailored just for YOU!
Custom wigs are made to your preference. This not only includes the length, the color and density, but most importantly the size.

Textures that Work
Sometimes you may like everything about a wig, but the texture just ain’t right or you may like the color, but it’s too silky. You can avoid these issues by custom ordering. Custom wigs are made from scratch and designed entirely according to your specifications. You get to select EVERYTHING you want, so there is no chance that you might not like an aspect of the wig.  We have a ton of colors to choose from and over 10 custom options to select from. Experience our user friendly State-of-the-Art Custom Ordering unlike any other.

Choosing the Right Wig
If you are a seasoned wig wearer wondering whether to get a custom wig or something in stock, then we strongly recommend a CLWW custom wig. Aside from the cost and the wait time, there is no real downside to getting a custom wig. Custom wigs are superior to stock wigs, in every aspect. Your custom ordering experience start by clicking this link: https://californialacewigs.com/custom-order

June 25, 2024